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  • Wedding Cake
  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre
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  • Textures et Saveurs
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  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre
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  • Gâteau carré moderne
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cake
  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre

Do you have specific training needs in the field of Cake Design? Do you want to learn faster than in group training? We offer personalized private training!

We can organize training for all levels, from beginner to professional.

Nous établirons ensemble le programme de la formation selon vos besoins.

In order to have the most complete necessary equipment, private training takes place in our training center located at 88 rue du Mont Cenis 75018 PARIS, FRANCE.

We can organize a course for a maximum of 6 people.

The price for an individual private training is from €100 excluding tax per hour with a minimum of 4 hours. It will be calculated according to the raw materials needed and the number of participants.

To obtain a quote, please fill out the form below (response within 5 days):

What are your needs?
When do you want to be trained?
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