• Gâteau carré moderne
  • Formation cake design
  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre
  • Biscuits glace royale
  • Fleurs en wafer paper
  • Sweet table
  • Gâteau carré moderne
  • Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Gâteau carré/lissage au chocolat blanc
  • Biscuits décorés
  • Sweet table
  • Textures et saveurs
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pièce montée
  • fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Gâteau simple

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There is no training certifying Cake Design eligible for the CPF in France because Cake Design is not registered with the RNCP.
The CPF can possibly be mobilized if you go through Pôle Emploi but that depends on the advisers.
Payment in installments is possible if you wish.