• Gâteau carré moderne
  • Textures et Saveurs
  • fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Biscuit glace royale
  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre
  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Gâteau simple
  • Aérogaphe pour le cake design
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  • Formation fleurs comestibles en sucre et en wafer paper
  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Aérogaphe pour le cake design
  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Formation complète cake design
  • Formation Fleurs en Sucre
  • Wedding Cake

Why choose us?

To make an opinion, we advise you to consult the photos of our courses as well as the opinions of our students on Tripadvisor or Facebook.

We propose state-recognized training courses leading to certification.

Who’s the teacher?

All our courses are exclusively done by Galina Duverne.

Certification / Certificates of completion

The Ecole de Cake Design de Paris proposes two certifying courses.

The “Design and create tiered or sculpted cakes (Cake Design)” certification is recognized by the French State (registered by France Compétences under code RS6632 in the Répertoire Spécifique (RS)).

To obtain certification at the end of your training, you must have a CAP patissier diploma or be in the process of having it, have an interest and taste for decoration and aesthetics, and have basic graphic and artistic skills.

You will obtain this certification if you pass the end-of-training examination.

As a certifying organization, we will register this certification in your name with Caisse des Dépôts.

For non-certifying courses, if you are successful, you will receive a training certificate at the end of the course.


To register, simply complete the registration form.

The registration will be validated after the payment of a deposit of an amount equal to:

  • 100% of the price for courses that cost less than 350€.
  • 50% of the price for courses that cost less than 900€.
  • 30% of the price for courses that cost more than 900€.

There is no registration fee.

Registration for our certifying courses will be confirmed once we have validated your skills and motivation.

Payment methods

Payment possible in cash, by check, transfer or bank card (transaction secured by Banque Populaire).

You can choose to pay in instalments when you apply.

The full price of the course must be paid on the first day of the training.

You can pay the balance of the course by credit card in full or in installments via the link provided in the registration confirmation email.

How to register?

A place is reserved only after payment of a deposit, receipt of a funding agreement or validation of your registration on Mon Compte Formation.
For professional courses, it is also necessary for the student to return the contract signed.

In case of too many requests, reservations are accepted according to the date of receipt of the deposit or the certificate of support.

Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) / Mon Compte Formation

Our professional certifying courses can be financed with your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) on Mon Compte Formation.

Financing with your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) is only possible if you have a CAP pâtissier or are in the process of having it. You will be asked to provide proof.

Our short courses cannot be financed with your CPF, as only certifying courses can be (article L.6323-6 of the French Labor Code).

Funding organizations

The Cake Design School of Paris (Gateaux sur Mesure) is Qualiopi certified (certificate visible here).

La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’action suivante: actions de formation.

This certification makes our professional courses eligible for public funding. Only our professional training can be financed, the leisure workshops do not fall under professional training.

Our training has already been covered by the following organizations:

  • Agefiph
  • Agefos
  • Conseil régional Hauts de France
  • Conseil régional Grand Est
  • Fafcea
  • Fafih
  • Fongecif
  • OPCA Transports
  • France Travail (Pôle Emploi)
  • Servair formation
  • Unifaf

This list is not exhaustive, contact the organization on which you depend to know if you can be taken care of and know the steps to take.

Quote to obtain financing

To obtain a personalized quote requested by the funding organizations, simply make a request to register for the chosen course and select “Request a quote” as the request type.

We are registered on France Travail Kairos system and are therefore able to provide a dematerialized quote if your advisor requests it. For that you will have to communicate us your France Travail identifier. You will then have to validate this quote in your personal France Travail area for it to be sent to your advisor.

We advise you to do it as soon as possible because the response times of organizations can be long.

Registration for courses supported by a funding organization

Your registration will only be final after receipt of the following:

  • The agreement to cover the costs from the funding organization.
  • The payment of a deposit of 30% of the rest to be paid in the event of partial financing.
  • The signed course contract.

We will not block places without the above items.

Student absences

In the absence of the student, the cost of all the hours, even those not worked, will remain due, even in the event of force majeure.

Registration modification

You can only make changes to session dates, you must keep the same type of course.

Leisure courses:
You can change session no later than 1 month before the start date of the course in which you were registered.

Professional courses:
You can change session no later than 45 days before the start date of the course in which you were registered and only once.

If you request a change of date for a later session, you must first pay the full course cost.

Cancellation of registration

The cancellation deadlines are as follows:

  • If the course takes place in more than 60 days, you have 14 calendar days after the registration date to cancel it.
  • If the course takes place in less than 60 days, you have 7 calendar days after the registration date to cancel it.
  • If the course takes place in less than 15 days, you have 1 calendar day after the registration date to cancel it.

After these cancellation periods, you will be liable for the following amount:

  • 100% of the price for courses that cost less than 350€.
  • 50% of the price for courses that cost less than 900€.
  • 30% of the price for courses that cost more than 900€.

If the cancellation takes place less than 1 week before the start of the course or if the student does not show up for his course, you will be liable for the full cost of the course. In the event of financing by a third party, the amount will be at your expense if your financier refuses to bear the cancellation cost.

What is the minimum age to attend a course?

Our courses are only open to people over 18 years of age.

CAP Pâtissier” diploma required?

A pastry diploma is not compulsory to follow most of our courses but it is highly recommended.

It is necessary if you want to sell your creations in France.

Additional dates

Possibility to organize additional sessions on request depending on our availability.

You can also subscribe to our alerts to be notified when sessioins have been added to our site by clicking here.

Workshop location

The training takes place in our workshop in Paris near the Jules Joffrin metro station (line 12). Click here to consult the access map.


Lunch is not included in the course. You have many possibilities near our workshop (bakeries, caterers, take-out restaurants, fast food, supermarkets, …). You will be able to eat your meal in the workshop.
The lunch break lasts 30 minutes.


Accommodation is not included and must be organized by the student. Being located in Paris you have many possibilities to find accommodation for all budgets (Hotel, Airbnb, Youth hostel …). You can search near our workshop which is located at 88 rue du Mont Cenis 75018 PARIS.

Do I need to bring my equipment?

No, all the necessary tools will be loaned to you on site. You will need to clean them every day after use.

What outfit should I wear?

A pastry jacket is loaned for training lasting more than 2 days, otherwise you have a disposable apron.
For safety reasons, you must wear close-fitting clothing and non-slip shoes.

Can I leave with my creations?

Yes, you will leave with everything you have created. The packaging will be provided.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Training is generally accessible to people with disabilities or experiencing health problems. We encourage you to mention this when applying for registration. You will then be contacted by the disability referent so that we can study together the arrangements that may be necessary to ensure that your stay with us takes place in the best conditions. As soon as you arrive, you will benefit from individualized support allowing you to integrate perfectly.

Intellectual property / Non-competition

All documents, recipes and techniques taught are the exclusive property of the Cake Design School of Paris and are communicated to you for personal use. Any distribution is prohibited without prior agreement.
By following a training, you agree not to train in the techniques taught by other people even free of charge for a period of 3 years minimum in France.