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  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Textures et Saveurs
  • Gâteau carré moderne
  • Wedding Cake
  • Gâteau sculpté
  • Gâteau carré moderne
  • Textures et Saveurs
  • Gâteau 3 D
  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Wedding Cake
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  • Gâteau carré moderne
  • Formation Fleurs en Wafer Paper
  • Textures et Saveurs
  • Aérogaphe pour le cake design

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The courses have a limited number of seats, we advise you to book as soon as possible.

To make a registration request or request a quote (only for course lasting at least 4 days), simply fill out the form below, you will then receive an email confirming your request.

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 Dates / SchedulesType of courseDurationPriceLocation
03/06/24 - 28/06/24
8H30 - 17H00
160h (20d)4540€Paris
01/07/24 - 05/07/24
8H30 - 17H00
40h (5d)1350€Paris
9H00 - 19H00
09/09/24 - 04/10/24
8H30 - 17H00
160h (20d)4540€Paris
07/10/24 - 11/10/24
8H30 - 17H00
40h (5d)1350€Paris
14/10/24 - 15/10/24
8H30 - 17H00
16h (2d)460€Paris
8H30 - 18H30
17/10/24 - 18/10/24
8H00 - 17H00
17h (2d)510€Paris
05/11/24 - 06/11/24
8H30 - 16H00
14h (2d)470€Paris
8H30 - 17H00
18/11/24 - 21/11/24
8H30 - 17H00
nouveau32h (4d)850€Paris

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